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Listen top quality books on an iPhone for 9.99 € a month


Approximately three times faster than the popular iBooks. The app has been designed to include a multitude of pre-processors and extension points, permitting to modify e-book content on the fly: stylize certain parts of text, insert multimedia elements/ads, etc.

Crime Club

The app for true lovers of detective genre features exclusive selection of books dedicated only to crime.

Coming soon

Who we are

We started in 2008 in Russia with the launch of iMobilco — a commercial project for a civilized market of online content with a focus on electronic and audiobooks. Over the past six years our small team collected an impressive catalogue of legal content and attracted a substantial audience winning 30% of Russian e-book market.

    • Over 1 million installs of our apps

    • 1 400 000 quarterly visits

    • 11 apps developed for reading and listening on iOS

    • More than 50 000 of e-books and audiobooks

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